FBA Prep Service


Amazon is an excellent platform for reaching new customers, increasing sales, and expanding your business operations. Amazon FBA provides many features, including the Prime membership option, free shipping offers, and other advantages unique to fulfillment with Amazon. However, what the Amazon FBA lacks is the flexibility in their fulfillment approach, as they expect you to meet their fulfillment criteria and pack your products accordingly. Your inventory could be refused or charged extra for noncompliance. Amazon requires its sellers to package and label their products according to their specifications.

E3 Ecommerce provides logistics services as a third-party provider and benefits from years of experience in the fulfillment sector. We provide a great alternative to Amazon FBA for domestic and international clients. We also offer services to those who use FBA to manage their e-commerce site and fulfill Amazon orders, as well as keep track of their product inventory. Most importantly, we ensure that the packaging of your products meets the strict Amazon fulfillment requirements. We help our clients keep their Amazon sales operations running effectively by simplifying the order fulfillment process, saving both time and money.

We will take care of your inventory so you can focus on the core aspects of your business rather than worrying about the fulfillment process. Instead, you can focus on your product launch, market growth, and increasing sales on your e-commerce store. We can ship your products completely and properly prepared from our shipping agents to the Amazon fulfillment center without any time lags.

FBA prep is economically provided by E3 Ecommerce, as we only charge a per-item fee for picking, packaging, and labeling services.

High requirements for amazon packaging


Amazon FBA packaging requirements are tiresome, and some businesses struggle to fulfill them for each of their products. E3 Ecommerce is happy to manage this process, providing efficient packaging services to your business according to all required specifications. We will also inform you of all product deliveries and help you keep track of your products. With your Amazon seller account and your account at our platform, you can have all the information regarding your products and order fulfillment procedures in an accessible and simple form.

Our company manages inventory for FBA in all areas, including opening containers and packing thousands of SKUs and labeling them with barcodes. Your product details and product size are irrelevant for our fulfillment services, as we make sure to meet all the requirements of Amazon FBA every single time.

Why should you use an FBA prep service?


The exercise of prepping, inspecting, and shipping packages to Amazon in alignment with FBA standards can be a taxing task that may overwhelm the benefits of Amazon Fulfillment. To ease this burden for any business and make the intricate Amazon fulfillment process easy, we can help! If you’re experiencing any of the following, you should seriously consider using our services:

Amazon sends you warnings about your incoming packages.

When Amazon sends you warnings about your packages it is already an extremely risky symptom, which can mean harm to your business. You risk losing your seller account and your Amazon customers forever. Our FBA professionals specialize in meeting Amazon specifications to ensure that your packages never attract unwanted attention of FBA compliance department.

Meeting the requirements of Amazon fulfillment centers is impinging on other areas of the business.

Preparing packages for Amazon’s fulfillment centers can be a cumbersome process. This can demand a lot of resources and manpower, and this may end up affecting other areas of your business. Our FBA prep service professionals specialize in this area and can help you redirect your focus on other pertinent areas of the business.

Knowing and meeting expectations can be cumbersome and overwhelming.

Monitoring Amazon specifications and packing your products accordingly is tedious and can sometimes feel overwhelming. Every product has different specifications, and you may be far from being an expert. Hiring an FBA prep service can ease this common burden.

FBA Prep Services:

Quality control
Fragile item preparation
Loose products
Sold as a set
Poly-bagged units
Boxed units
Case-packed products
Expiration dates
Adult product preparations
Photo documentation

Amazon Product Compliance

If your inventory does not comply with the FBA requirements of Amazon Product Preparation, your inventory may be refused, disposed of, or returned; this not only disrupts your supply chain but also results in non-compliance costs at the fulfillment center. To prevent such noncompliance, we can prepare your inventory based on FBA requirements. From repacking to labeling, we can manage your inventory needs before it is ever shipped to Amazon’s Fulfillment Center.

FBA Labels

Another requirement of Amazon is a sticker on every item that must be shipped; this is also applicable for case packed items. Box labels and shipping labels are downloaded, and they must be attached to the order that you have created. We will print these labels (i.e., box labels and, if requested, a prepaid label) and attach these to your shipment. When the ship date arrives, we will ship out your package through parcels or freight.

Powerful Software

Although we’re not the first order fulfillment company helping business owners save time and money, we are the first company to introduce transformative technology that is already helping streamline operations and ensure maximum productivity. With the cutting-edge hardware and software at our disposal, from API integrators to automated mapping and bundling, we can map SKUs across various channels and bundles over numerous product combinations, allowing you to alter product offerings without having any issues such as product tracking, inventory levels, or fulfillment problems.


Cross-docking refers to the practice in logistics where goods unloaded from an incoming container are loaded onto an outbound carrier instantly, with minimal or no storage in between. This practice helps save time and reduce costs from the point of origin to the point of sale. Our most common practice is to unload products from an inbound carrier, relabel them, sort them based on the delivery destinations, and load them into their corresponding carriers. To ensure a simple shipping process and to benefit from major shipping discounts, we can also handle your consolidations and de-consolidations.

Inventory Transfer

Inventory transfer can be accomplished easily by moving your inventory from any shipping agent of E3 Ecommerce to any FBA facility. To do this, we will prepare the orders with FBA item labels and box labels, effectively acting as your central logistic hub. You simply need to go to Amazon Seller Central and initiate a request for inventory transfer for the items you want us to send to an FBA Location. You can track the status of this transfer and your inventory levels in different FBA facilities to ensure that you never run out and can always order more in time.

Distributed FBA Prep Centers

Shipping your products can be very expensive if you’re managing your prep services far from the location of an FBA facility. To help reduce this logistics cost, we have a network of strategically distributed shipping agents that handle FBA Prep Services. Thus, you can ship your product from us to any of the nearby Amazon fulfillment centers to reduce this particular logistics cost.

Custom Packing Procedures

Direct Fulfillment Service also offers packaging services customized to your needs. Your products may arrive from a variety of vendors, each in different packaging. We can strip out all the redundant, unnecessary packaging materials or completely remove them to repackage the product, if necessary, based on your preference. As fulfillment companies grow, they often lose the flexibility to meet the varied needs of a growing e-commerce business. However, we remain devoted to meeting your needs and will always offer customized services based on your unique products; from removing manufacturer labels to sourcing custom packaging, we can cater to your specific product/business.